How We Help


Helping You Live Your dream

Our team has a unique process called the “Personal Wealth Management Strategy” that can help you identify your goals and objectives and develop a number of strategies to achieve them.


Design a Portfolio:

Many Canadians are overwhelmed when faced with the ever-increasing number of available investment options. Tremendous variety, coupled with the influence from countless institutions, contributes to the confusion. We offer you advice on the best kind of investment solutions for your situation, we can provide comparative information, including price and performance history for the mutual funds we offer. Our broad range of wealth planning resources are designed to deliver customized solution for your individual and unique planning needs.


Retire in Comfort:

Whether you are planning to retire or are already retired, we have developed a process to map out your need for a comfortable retirement and a plan to ensure that your retirement remains financially worry free. Look to us for retirement compensation arrangements that suit you and your present lifestyle.


Reduce Taxes:

Our team can help you examine areas to minimize taxation through a financial review and an assessment of your existing planning. We can then offer solutions including RRSPs, Tax Free Savings Accounts, Corporate Class Mutual funds among other strategies designed to minimize taxation now and in the future.

“It’s not what you make – It’s what you keep”


Cash and Credit Management:

Every Canadian needs to save money, borrow money and use a chequing account. Most go to their local bank branch because it’s convenient.

Is this your best choice? Large financial institutions like the banks, only represent their own firms and only offer their own products.

ARTECH is an independent company. We believe it is important that our advisors and our company always put the client first. We have no “in-house” products nor are we tied to any Bank, investment company or mutual fund manager. Since we do not manufacture our own products, we are able to act as a broker to offer the very best mutual funds from all investment companies to be sure we remain totally independent.

Since do not represent any one financial institution, we represent you.

At ARTECH we don’t recommend products without a clear understanding of your individual needs. We will look at all aspects of your financial life, including income and cash flow, savings, as well as your credit and debt management to determine your best strategy going forward.

At the beginning of your career your needs were simple. As you established yourself and began to experience success, your needs changed. The days of “do-it-yourself” investing or fragmented advice are part of an era gone by. Your needs have evolved, and so has investing.

Be empowered by an innovative solution tailor-made for you. Experience holistic wealth management customized to meet your needs today and as they evolve.

Check the industry and compare – you’ll soon find that no other investment dealer has the same level of belief in independence as ARTECH Asset Advisory Services Inc.